Hair Fibres – ‘What can they do for me?’

Hair Fibres will change how you look and feel about yourself in a matter of seconds. Reverse the hands of time quickly and easily each time you use these amazing ‘hair building fibres’. If your confidence has been knocked for six through premature hair loss, secrethair.co.uk will help you to re-discover your youthfulness instantly.

Intesive research has led to Hair Fibres – the most advanced method of thickening your hair without the need for surgery or expensive laser therapy. Cutting edge laser technology slices pure organic keratin (the very thing that your hair is made of) in to micro-sized hair fibres. These fibres cling and blend in with your existing hair, giving extra volume whilst reducing scalp visibility considerably. Incredibly small ‘vellus’ hairs, thousands of them, sit on what appear to be a ‘bald patch’. These tiny hairs can still attract enough hair fibre to provide full coverage and natural appearance.


So strong is the attraction between your existing hair and our hair fibres that even strong winds and rain cannot remove them or cause them to run or stain. To remove the hair fibre yourself simply washout with shampoo.

Are Hair Fibres Right For Me? – ‘a quick and easy test’

To help you decide whether  Hair fibres are right for you answer the questions below. The more you answer ‘Yes’ the more our Hair Fibre is right for you.

  • Is hair loss a major problem for you?
  • Do you want to hide thinning hair and balding areas?
  • Would a thicker and fuller head of hair make you feel better?
  • Do you want to feel young and attractive again?
  • Do instant results appeal to you?
  • Does it have to be affordable?