Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Hair Fibres?

Hair Fibres are made of 100% organic keratin. Keratin is an incredibly strong protein that is found in abundance in skin, hair, nails and teeth. In other words it doesn’t come anymore natural than this!
These ‘hair fibres’ are cut into microscopic lengths by a precision laser. Electrostatically charged, they cling to your existing hair giving a much thicker and fuller head of hair. Scalp visibility will become a thing of the past.

Q. Do Hair Fibres give a natural look?
Yes. Becuase the fibres are so incredibly small with vibrant colour they blend in to your natural hair brilliantly. You wont be able to tell the difference.

Q. Can Hair Fibres affect hair growth. Are they safe?

As these hair fibres are 100% natural you can be assured that they are perfectly safe to use. No harmful chemicals or additives are contained within stocked by

Q. Can I use a comb after applying Hair Fibres?
Yes. If you still wish to comb your hair We recommend using a wide toothed comb.Generally, most Hair Fibre users apply the hair fibre and style in to place with hands and fingers.

Q. Can I use hair gel or similar products with Hair Fibres?
Yes you can but you may not get the desired effect. Hair Fibres hair fibres are designed to be applied to dry hair. Gels (especially wet look) may cause ‘clumping’ of the fibres that stop them attaching to your hair correctly. To resolve this week recommend a Fibre Hold Spray which is a mist that has been especially designed to keep fibres in place without clumping.

Q. What colours are available?

Our hair fibres are available in a choice of 8 different colours. No matter what your colouring (greying or highlights) you can easily combine colours to blend in naturally with your own hair.

Q. Can Hair Fibres help with greying hair?
Absolutely Yes.  Simply apply your main colour first and then sprinkle some grey fibres to reach the desired effect.

Q. How long should a 10g and 25g container of hair fibres last?
This is a hard one to answer as it depends on the size of area to be covered as well as the frequency of application. Generally, a 10g container would typically last up to 28 days and a 25g container up to 70 days.

Q. Can Hair Fibres stain clothes or bedding?
No.  hair fibres are 100% colourfast. Colour will not pass on to fabrics or your scalp.

Q. Will  Hair Fibres fall out in the wind and rain?
No. Our hair fibres have the highest electrostatic quality of any hair fibres on the market. The additional use of a Fibre Hold Spray will help to secure the fibres in place.

Q. How do I remove  Hair Fibres from my hair?
Simply washing your hair with shampoo will remove all the hair fibres.

Q. How are Hair Fibres delivered?
All products are packed in an unmarked Jiffy bag. We take privacy very seriously.